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hollerlab —  July 6, 2009 — Leave a comment

Coors Light
Massive American beer with nice 3d can and user submitted videos. Fun but no longevity I reckon.
Reminds me of ideas we had for Tooheys brand site…


Anyone using Firefox and Google RSS reader should take a look at this. It’s a beautiful way of looking at all your fav sites in one area. Google rss reader can be a bit ugly and a pain to read. Lovely.

Every time I send out an email like this I bcc this site and it puts it all into this blog. It’s a great place to store unfinished presentations/thoughts that have no particular place elsewhere. If you would like to be a contributor let me know and I’ll allow your email address. Like tumblr but less public/refined.

Swaggerize Me – Old Spice
Great campaign from WK London. Stop looking like a loser online.


Goodnight Twitter
Very simple little idea that searches twitter for ‘sleepy’ messages with the letters ‘zzzz’ in them and displays them in this nighttime environment.
Falls massively short of its potential but quite fun…


Designy Video Inspiration.
Some nice videos from vimeo via Mashable:


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