Huggies, Case Study – Korea

hollerlab —  February 1, 2012 — Leave a comment


Develop a campaign that creates a unique consumer experience and demonstrates that Huggies understands mother’s and their baby’s. 


Huggies asked mothers to upload video’s of their babies and in return would run those video’s through their translation technology to discover the babies thoughts.


It is a nice insight that creates a personalised and in-depth interaction with a relatively niche market segment. It is encouraging to see this sort of experimentation outside some of the more high interest FMCG categories. Tapping into the statistic that 47% of mothers use their social networks to garner product advice and recommendations from their peers. 

The main criticism we have is that it was not optimised well for social amplification. By limitting your execution to only the one channel, you are relying on people seeking out the camapigncampaign rather than maybe leveraging through various networks and having a product or prize incentive for interacting and participating. 

In saying that, Huggies has created an interesting and fun way of communicating it’s intended message to it’s intended market segment. Just as aforementioned with probably not enough thought to execution and amplification. 

Huggies is trying to tap into the same recent success of The Old Spice twitter responses campaign. But probably fell short in regards to channel planing, media spend, multi-channel execution and tapping into cultural influencers to share the campaign and reach a mass audience.


Results are not overly impressive thus far, but to date they have only uploaded 26 video’s eliciting 90, 000 views. 

Hopefully they will start to support the campaign and platform with some more media and create a platform for mum’s to share their babies experiences, interact and share their interactions.


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