Weight Watchers, Case Study – UK

hollerlab —  February 1, 2012 — Leave a comment


Develop a campaign that heroes the customers of weight watchers. Create a hub and resource that shares their stories, successes and how Weight Watchers have helped to facilitate them reaching their weight goals. 


Weight Watchers UK have created a through the line campaign including commissioning a song by pop diva Aleshia Dixon (Do It Our Way), created TVC’s based on the song, used online media assets, built an interactive YouTube channel, integrated the campaign int their website and have a dedicated Facebook tab to the cmapaign. The full lenghth is available for purchase via the iTunes Store at 99 pence.

The film clip features on the Weight Watchers UK website and is housed on a special interactive YouTube channel. The film clips cast is actual Weight Watcher clients. All of whom have managed to reach their weight goals with the help of the service. 

The nice part of this campaign is it harnesses the fact that consumers will seek out content based on it’s relevancy to them and the entertainment value that they can get out of it. Weight Watchers have brilliantly been able to deliver a hopeful and inspiring message to people looking to lose weight. At the same time providing consumers with client testimonials in an unique and genuine way. We think they have also ingeniously integrated product features seamlessly into the interactive YouTube channel and Website as well. This includes a new play platform (harnessing gamification, more to come in future Holler Lab’s), e-Source (online weight management system), smartphone application (points tracker and recipe finder) as well as their traditional drop in meetings. With this campaign Weight Watchers have signalled they have truly moved into the digital age not only in the execution of their communications but backing that up with various digital consumer utilities to help them lose weight. 


It is difficult for a brand like Weight Watchers to do content peices like this without looking disengenuous. But we think they have struck the perfect balance between creating value for consumers with the content itself, demonstrating emotional product benefits as well as functional service features that help woman and men achieve their weight loss goals. 


The only results that are available to date is YouTube views which already reach 336, 000 views for the film clip and the channel receiving close to 400, 000 views. 


Through putting the consumer front and centre including integrating them into the branded content telling their real life stories. The brand has managed to not only captivate it’s audience but also create an emotional and genuine connection with the business. Demonstrating the benefits of weight loss and the positive affect it can have on consumers life and lifestyle. I think it was a nice touch to recognise that the reasoning and motivation to losing weight is different for different people. Broadening the appeal by highlighting people choosing weight loss and Weight Watchers as a facilitator for differing reasons such as boosting their confidence, achieving business success, improving their health, bettering relationships and creating stronger family tie. They demonstrate that no matter your reasons you can reach your goals with the service and the many utilities it provides to manage, maintain and achieve those targets.


Website: http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weightwatchersuk



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