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hollerlab —  February 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Access to data and the ability for brands to connect with consumers has never been easier. This has established an ability for brands to create unique and socially spreadable experiences for consumers that generate amplification through their digital footprints.


There are many brands trying to capitalise on this but few doing it well. The first thing that needs to be recognised is non-traditional does not mean uncluttered. How do we create connections that consumers feel as though they are being rewarded for. A value exchange for their time and participation. We need to create executions that give consumers a sense of social equity in sharing their experiences with their friends and digital networks.


Finding out what will resonate with a particular audience is the first step. Investing enough time and resource to make that a memorable and unique experience for consumers comes next. Without truly considering what consumers are going to find valuable, spending enough resource on creating a truly unique experience and learning from consumer feedback – we are just planning to fail. If you consider the successful executions in this space, they have been relevant and  spent time to think of innovative ways of integrated personal data into giving the consumer an experience they have not had elsewhere. Ideally the execution would relate back to a product or service. However in the interest of dwell time and creating a shareable asset sometimes this is an afterthought. 

Our purpose is to find reasons for consumers to interact, connect and in a digitally social age share. We have to take the perspective that we are not only just competing in your local market and within our own categories. But, competing with every other advertiser and content creator in the world. As this is the landscape that consumers now have access to. 

So in summary, if you want to create experiences through innovation and personalisation. Make sure you are willing to truly come to the table and give consumers a unique and social experience. One that will earn them equity for sharing and preferably relate back to the product by creating entertaining and unique brand experiences. 

Some of the more notable executions in this space include: 

Intel Museum of Me


Hotel 626 and Asylum 626 for Dorito’s


Elf Yourself for Office Max


Take this Lollipop 


Less Impressive Executions


Pure Blonde, Your Pure Place


VB, Profile Intervention



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