Ice Break – Facebook Delivery / 10, 000 Fans…

hollerlab —  February 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

What a fantastic example from Pauls milk of proactive listening and harnessing social media as a driver of emotional and experiential connections. By listening to fans voicing their frustration on thier Facebook page about their lack of distribution in Perth, Pauls was able to not only generate a phenomenal amount of buzz and conversation online but generated tangible PR coverage in a new market.

This was achieved by engaging with one particularly upset customer and giving them, Paul the chance to have Ice Break brought to him. The deal was that in exchange for every like he was able to generate on the Facebook Page Pauls would supply one unit of product. Genius. So the more community interaction and value Pauls as a company got out of the campaign, the more they invested and the more the community of Perth would benefit. 

The true test to this campaign I think will be if they start to distribute Ice Break in the Western State. In saying that I think by identifying a truly passionate fan and then having the broader community rally around his cause they have created a unique experience and even created a launch campaign into a new naitonal market.

This is what Social was meant for. Listening, reacting and making sure true fans of your brands are engaged and recruiting considerers or occasional purchasers.

I also love the fact that they made a tangible consumer connection and digital narrative out of the trip from Melbourne to Perth. Further amplifying the connection with consumers and giving them touchpoints to engage with and spread content. 

The only criticism is I felt they could have taken the experiential touchpoint further. Making an event or something similar to celebrate Paul’s love and passion for the brand and product. 



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