Super Bowl Commercials 2012…

hollerlab —  February 6, 2012 — Leave a comment
As the Superbowl comes to a conclusion we wanted to provide  a quick wrap up of some of the best ads coming from this year’s extravaganza. We will follow up in a future post in the next couple of days, looking at the businesses that truly harnessed digital to better leverage their spend across the property in 2012. 

There was a couple of crackers, but over and above awareness how did these business create value, amplification and interaction by truly utilising digital as part of their strategy. Watch this space. 

Chevy, Happy Grad…

Dorito’s, The Bribe

Hyundai, Genesis Coupe

Bud Light, Here we go

Go Daddy, QR Code

Kia Optima, A Dream car for Real Life

Dannon, Greek Yoghurt

Chevy, Silverado

Skechers, Go Run

Hyundai Veloster Turbo, It’s Fast

Budweiser, Prohibition 

Audi, Vampire Party 

Career Builder, Business Trip 

M&M’s, Just my Shell

Bridgestone, Performance Tyres – Football.

Chrysler, Half time

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