Follow up – Shoot My Truck, Twister Metal…

hollerlab —  February 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

The Twisted Metal, Shoot my truck activation has come to a close. There has been some epic footage that has been generated from the campaign. Unfortunately due to the high levels of traffic to the site we can’t give a more personalised review. But it appears to have gone off without a hitch and generated some pretty generous coverage as well as content.

The Twisted Metal franchise is targeted at an older audience. But expect it to cop some flack from various groups across the US and around the world for the way this paricular campaign was executed. The main qualm I suspect people to have is that users were able to fire live rounds from a military grade semi automatic rifle at various targets, including life like ones. I think this is going to get quite a lot of press both positive and negative. Especially based on some of the commentary that was caught from the builders of the campaign, which is documented in the below clip. One of the more disturbing comments was David Jaffe (creator of Twisted Metal) describing how cool it would be to be able to shoot live targets ‘bad guys and shit’ using the same technology.

Video Games are becoming harder and harder to market due to congestion and with the posibility of generating HUGE dollars game studios are becoming more advernturous with how they market their franchises. I think this one may have gone a little too far. What do you think. Good marketing or provocation to generate PR? and in saying that is that wrong?

The below clip has some offensive language and some may find the viewing a little disturbing. I know I did purely on the basis that there was targets that repesented real people.

Here is the original teaser video:

We will update with results as they become avaialbe.


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