Nike + Basketball and Training, launching today…

hollerlab —  February 22, 2012 — Leave a comment
Nike has done it again. Expanding its Nike + offering and creating products that are hper-connected through technology and provide consumers with data about their activities. This is a trend called the internet of things. In which in the near future all products and facets of our life will have a data footprint. They will be digitally connected in a world that will track everything to create a better understanding of behaviours across various activities.  This trend of late has ben most prevalent in sports so far. With companies harnessing technology to give consumers better information about their favourite sports stars and tech they can apply to their own training. 

The internet of things now and in the future will have dramatic affects on how we understand our daily movements and habits. It will influence how products are developed, the planning of cities, the revolution or retail experiences and create phenomenal resources  for the health industry. If you let your mind truly comprehend how everything would possibly gather, retain and analyse data in the future it is a truly exciting proposition. 
The thing I love about the work that Nike is doing is that it is integrating high tech into their products, creating a USP from tech development but more importantly creating branded communities in which people passionate about sport can compete and interact. A space where they can track their progress against their friends and the rest of the world. A fantastic example that communications innovation should not be confined to advertising. But should influence product development and creative technology application. 

The first foray into this space was Guiness in Ireland, that revolutionised the data that could be generated from Rugby: 

Then came Nike + 

Closely followed by other copy products such as Adidas’ MiCoach. 

The latest inceptions are, Jawbone Up: 

Adidas have recently developed a Football boot that uses GPS data to track speed and performance on the football pitch in which you can then track against team mates and the rest of the world: 

Nike Fuel Band: 

And the latest being Nike + Basketball and Training: 

It is truly exciting to see where this trend goes and how it will start to penetrate all facets of life and help brands to better understand consumer behaviour. 

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