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hollerlab —  March 5, 2012 — Leave a comment
We absolutely adored this tech when it was first launched a year ago at SXSW. It is something that I have implored many venue based businesses to incorporate into their spaces. It is a prototype by Breakfast NY called Instaprint. Breakfast NY are a digital technology company that develops all sorts of cool digital social experiments and builds tech. Here is their website: 

Instaprint itself is a way that users in venue can take a picture and then have it printed wirelessly in realtime from the Instaprint wall mounted printers. Combining the real and digital experiences that are so often being had in venues across the world. With the lines blurring between our digital and physical relationships. This just seems like a seamless and clever way to mould the two. I am actually surprised that they have had to put the project on Kickstarter. I would have thought instagram would have loved to sponsor this purely based on the PR and new the user base they would get. 

It is a great way of socialising and digitising social experience in real time. Not only is their a digital foot print to your experience. This can then be linked to a data cloud that provides exposure for the business through someones digital network (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). It also provides participants with a tangible and physical remnant of their experience as well, making it more memorable and to an extent valuable. 

As a pub, café, club etc. The would be an invaluable way getting social endorsement and translating experiences in venue to digital social equity. 

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