Innovation does not need to be complex – IKEA BER??RA

hollerlab —  March 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is  great idea from IKEA. A company renowned for bringing solutions in many ways to consumers lives. 


Now they are taking that a step further. Making it easier to interact with your day to day touch screen devices during the cold winter months. The lack of being able to use touch screens with gloves on must infuriate many. Especially in some of the colder parts of the world. 

So in conjuction with the launch of their iPad catalogue, IKEA also launched an innovative product called the IKEA Berora.Which is a sewing kit with an conductive strand of thread. 

What this allows users to do is sew the thread into their exisitng gloves and the thread allows them to use their touch screen devices without having to take their gloves off. 

A truly phenomenal innovation with a true human insight behind it as well as a relevant product message. 

The results aren’t half bad either… On top of the impressive media coverage they received:

  • They produced 12, 000 kits that sold out in 2 weeks
  • The iPad catalogue reached #1 in the Norweigen App Store
  • Is now per capita the most downloaded IKEA catalogue in the world

A truly impressive campaign producing truly phenomenal results! 



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