Draught Pick – Multiscreen Execution from CUB…

hollerlab —  March 26, 2012 — Leave a comment
Something we bang on about over and over here at Holler is the power to link consumers experiences with your brand by linking broadcast media and digital execution through multiple screens. Essentially creating a synchronous consumption of both brand and an entertainment asset. We did it here at Holler with the Heineken Rugby Clubhouse, case study here: 

Carlton Draught has tapped into the same trend. Which is people are increasingly using more than one screen when consuming content. Whether that be to enhance their viewing experience or to create a layer of depth and interaction that could be only achieved by creating a synchronous digital platform. 
The campaign is called Draught Pick and has been released just in time for the start of the footy season. It looks as though consumers will get a number of different choices in relation to game play per round via their smartphone or online. Consumers will also be able to activate a 3 minute hot period in which they will score three times as many points than what is scored in the actual game. Creating a synchronous functionality during the broadcast as well. 

This is probably one of the more comprehensive executions here in Australia that truly leverages this trend and its looks as though at least for now, this could be a big winner for Draught. It will be interesting to see how it tracks in regards to popularity. I think it is also good that there is a weekly price rather than one that is accumulative. Not harming your chances of being able to interact and win if you get onto the app a little later in the season. Participants also go into the draw for an ultimate Footy Grand Final weekend with the prize worth $23, 000.

Dennis Cometti  has launched the initiative with this tongue and cheek piece of content: 
And you can get a full run down of Gameplay here: 
You can download the app here:
With the national interest in the AFL at an all time high. This will get through Footy circles like wildfire. I think this app will really diversify the appeal of Carlton Draught out of its Victorian heartland. Wish someone would have done something this year similarly for NRL. 

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