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Google has embarked on an interesting journey which in short is trying to reinvent some of the worlds most iconic advertising for the digital age called ‘Project Re-brief’. 

Over the coming Lab’s we will draw up case studies for all of the different re-briefs. But for today we will focus on the reinvention of Coca Cola’s classic 1970’s Hilltop TVC.  Google has brought to life the iconic piece of advertising through technology. Making it resonate with a 21st century audience. 

Original Brief: 

Demonstrate Coca-Cola’s power to connect people while highlighting the global ambitions of the Coca-Cola brand.

The Original Work: 

Harvey’s television commercial featured The First United Chorus of the World, a chorus of young people from around the globe singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” as a celebration of tolerance and unity.


With the 2012 version of the campaign Google and Coke have brought to life in digital media the original proposition first penned by Bill Backer on the back of a Napkin “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”. By using the wonders of digital technology they have given new meaning and a sense of delivery to this premise. 

Online media: 


Using banner ads. The original ad is played with the call to action being spread a little happiness by sending someone, somewhere in the world a Coke. 


Once the ad is expanded you can select the location you would like to send a Coke to. 


You are then asked to attach a message to the can of Coke. You can either do this by enabling your webcam and recording a brief video message or you can accompany the Coke with a text message.

The message along with a free can of Coke is sent to a specially made vending machine at the nominated location for some lucky punter to collect. The recipient can record a video message back which is posted online and also sent to the sender. Online you can see a library of the senders and responders messages.  

They have also demonstrated how this might work in a mobile environment. With the full mobile ad soon to be published. You can see a preview of the Mobile ad here: 

They also have a demonstration of how this would function as a mobile or tablet ad. This mobile ads mimic the functionality of the online banners. Allowing you to send a Coke, with a message and be thanked in return. 


They will soon be releasing other elements to the campaign including an iPhone and Android app. So stay tuned. It will be interesting to see how this might play out as a longer engagement than just a campaignable idea. 


Introduction to the Campaign (Google Re-brief)


The re-brief unpacked (Analysis of Cokes re-brief)

Project re-brief (Link to Google – Re-brief site)


We truly love this idea. It demonstrates that not matter what the idea (preferably a good one) – digital can bring it to life and help support ATL concepts and propositions. By creating substance to a campaign that was once one dimensional in its execution. Digital media and platforms have helped bring Hill’s to life, create engagement, incite interaction and add a different weight to what the original idea delivered. 

When you watch the documentary detailing the original creatives exploration of how the idea might be implemented today. It is humbling to see Harvey embracing and truly in awe of what we often take for granted as modern communicators – the advanced possibilities of digital technology and online connectivity.




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