Bodymetrics – Online and Retail measurement evolution…

hollerlab —  April 3, 2012 — Leave a comment


The Bodymetrics technology first caught our eye a little while back when it was first employed across Selfridges in London. Bodymetrics in short is a laser body scanning system that takes 150 accurate measurements from 360 degrees of your body in roughly 5 seconds. Bodymetrics and systems like it are set to revolutionise the way that women’s and men’s clothing alike are fitted in store and at home. Bringing custom – tailored fitting to the masses. 

Here is a link to their site to see the system in practice: 

This is a true innovation in both instore and online retail technologies. Leveraging one of the key drawbacks shoppers all over the world experience of poor fitting clothing. The issue being that different manufacturers have different measurement systems and in general clothing just doesn’t fitting the way that you intended they would. 


Levi’s even based their whole Curve ID campaign and sizing redesign for jeans on the singular premise of giving women more conviction in their purchasing decisions. In the lead up to this immense change in their manufacturing and sizing. Which included along with traditional labelling jeans also stated a curvature description to match a woman’s hips and buttocks helping them to find a better fitting jean. Levi’s conducted extensive research to inform this change. They concluded their research of 60, 000 women with two key findings. The average woman tried on 13 pairs of jeans before making a purchasing decision. The second was that there was one key-purchasing driver when women shopped for new jeans. Women just wanted a pair that fit their bodies better than their current jeans. So if you can get fitting and sizing right you are tapping into a HUGE market growth potential. 


Bodymetrics seems to have brought this theory in home and in retail through its revolutionary measuring system. The actual technology utilizes Kinect to be able to take a body scan of men and women and give them an accurate sizing recommendation. This is accompanied with a recommendation of specific clothing styles or cuts that will suit their body shape. This technology is a true reflection of how retail can evolve in a useful way to deliver consistency across purchasing channels, platforms and devices. Giving a consumer a Body metric measurement per say or an online avatar that they can use to inform purchasing decisions across multiple retailers and brands with confidence that they will get a perfect fit every time. 


With Kinect already in many households, Bodymetrics and other systems like this have the ability to revolutionize in home fashion shopping. This couple with potentially breaking down many of the apprehensions shoppers may have in regards to purchasing online due to sizing issues or not being able to try on garments.

We also see immense potential in this system to collate and collect invaluable shopping data and information about women and their body shapes. Bodymetrics may have inadvertently stumbled upon the next evolution in sizing for women and a way for brands and businesses to increase customer satisfaction both instore and online. 


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