Nike – My time is now…

hollerlab —  May 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

An immense peice of content has emerged from Nike’s latest activity to accompany their Euro 2012 push. They look as though they will again trounce the official sponsors Adidas by simply creating better communications and not relying on the official franchise for share of voice. 

It is a pretty impressive peice of content in it’s own right. Featuring players bio’s throughout the clip and also some of the entrants from the My Chance franchise – which followed on from Nike’s world cup execution, Write History. 


So far the clip has received 9 million views which is impressive for just three days. The thing I will be interested in seeing is the dwell time on the clip. The 3 min clip itself is broken up into interactive segments that you can dive into throughout.


There is a comedic tour from Pep of Barcelona’s training centre, a look at Nike’s latest range of football boots, an interactive barber shop featuring Balotelli and a way you can imortalise yourself, cameo performance by Lebron James pushing the fuel band, details on Nike’s new manufacturing process which includes recycling 12 bottles to make a team jersey and shorts, a pop quiz and even a Sonic Game demonstrating the prowess of the new Mercurial Vapors. 

I think the thing this exceution should teach us all about content creation. Is that digital and interactivity should be at the core of all that we do. This execution from Nike I am confident will go on to be more succesful than it currently is and will also be a huge commercial and to Adidas’ dismay advertising success for Nike and their Euro exploits.




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