Gamification at its best – Captain Morgan, Diageo…

hollerlab —  July 11, 2012 — Leave a comment
In the US, Diageo has embarked on a brave campaign that saw them via mobile devices create an MMORPG called Captain’s Conquest. They launched the initiative with a number of short films reenacting tales inspired by the real Captain Morgan’s history. They then enticed people to live like the man via the game and battle with other users in real time. 

They essentially created an app that would allow you to live like the legend. Aggregating real time information based on where you were and supplying you with challenges in which you could earn points through check ins at certain venues, battle with friends and strangers alike all the time rewarding you for your activity and giving you kudos via the game and a leader board in Facebook. You could also team up and join a fleet consisting of you and your friends giving you a better chance of conquering your local area. 

The actual product was nicely integrated into the offering as well. With users getting bonus weapons and points for scanning Captain Morgan Labels. There have been an impressive amount of interactions so far and it looks like a franchise they will strengthen in years to come. 

Results so far: 
200, 000 Check ins
12, 000 Bottles Scanned
10, 000 Battles on Average a Day


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