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hollerlab —  December 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Nike has introduced an extension to its Fuel proposition to increase the gamification of their various Nike + devices. It is a platform called Missions, in which users sign up with their Nike + account and device, then complete missions against the platform within specified time frames.

The purpose of the platofrm looks like it is to overcome an iceage or interpretted more literally to increase participation and engagement with Nike products over the North American winter. The challenge presented to users is to collect tokens throughout missions on their journey to the Ark, which will serve as human kinds salvation against the perennial cold.

I must admit, this is not the best gamified execution I have seen from Nike and nor the best I have seen that leverages the Nike + platform. Maybe it is a last ditch attempt to ramp up use of the Nike + system and accompanying products. As great as Nike + is as a concept. I very rarely see content from the platform peppering my social feeds. Which I thought would be much more common by now. Nike is also reluctant to release figures on number of devices sold and interaction rates. So it is hard to tell what the true uptake and participation is.

Either way, I do like the concept of taking existing products and integrating gramification to increase participation and use.


After doing some pretty basic mathematics based on the total number of Fuel points acrued to date. I have figured that there are roughly 83, 000 (doesn’t that seem small) active users on the platform (perhaps less once you account for people that have used the platform once or twive and then dropped off). The way we calculated this was assuming 6, 000 was a total single day’s acrued average Fuel points and active members worked out 3 days per week. The maths were: 

Total Fuel Points: 78, 194, 778, 280

Average Fuel points per active day: 6, 000

Average active days per week: 3

Active users = (78,194,778,280/6,000)/(52*3)= 83, 541




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