Fiat – Overshooting the Mark?

hollerlab —  December 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

We have stumbled across a peice from Fiat coming out of the UK, promoting the new Fiat 500 wagon. It is a ballsy peice of work and far as advertising goes, this is bloody funny. But, isn’t advertising supposed to be aspirational or inspirational. This ad just makes me feel bloody sorry for mum’s, doesn’t really get any tangible product info nor emotional benefit through and seems to highlight the incredibly taxing elements of a mothers life and the changes she has to sustain to have children. From graphic discriptions of discharge, excrement and her laclusture sex life. Not sure this is doing the job that was intended. Nevertheless, a nice peice of creative, perhaps not effective though. If it had a more interactive element, such as being able to customise the video to share and send to friends and of course spouses. This perhaps would have had slightly more impact and also be more of tool for mothers to demonstrate to their loved ones, how much they do and how much they have sacrificed.

It’s clear that they are trying to do a more meaningful and resonant peice via tongue in cheek piss take of the Swagger Wagon execution. I think they over shoot the mark and do not have the same cut through for the product, but of course I may be wrong. Thoughts?




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