New, Delta iPad App. Utilitarian Communications…

hollerlab —  January 16, 2013 — Leave a comment


Utilitarian communcations will become a more important source of differentiation for brands both now and in the future. Many businesses will be judged by the utility they can provide to consumers throughout their purchase journey over and above the products and services they offer. Bringing consumers closer to the brand by providing a value exchange in the form of a functionality and convenience via technology.

A recent and great example of this is the new Delta iPad app. With a raft of features from being able to book and manage your flight. As well as:

  • Research different locations they fly to with locations guides
  • See who from your social network have been where and ask for advice
  • Use the app in air to get a glass bottom plane real time view of your journey , with information relating to where you currently are.
  • Passbook ticketing
  • See whats happening on the ground where you are going, and topical advice on what you should be doing during your trip

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