Akami, second screen technology makes some headway…

hollerlab —  February 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Akami, a web optimisation firm, is trying to create a better second screen experience. The technology it has created promises to automate and streamline the vast array of apps and technology currently being employed to bring consumers content based on the programming they are viewing on TV.

The current issue is that the second screen app environment is cluttered. With players such as Zeebox, Get Glue and Shazam all vying for penetration in an attempt to be the preferred platform for creating a extra layer of social interaction and content to your TV viewing experience. None of these technologies are truly frictionless though, and none of them can truly track where in a particular program you are.

But this new technology from Akami does. It actually syncs with your set-top box. So it knows exactly what you are waching and were in the programing you are. A demo given to MIT demonstrated a the technology whilst watching Mission Impossible. Providing overlaid content on both smartphone and tablet such as information about where a particualr scene was shot or purchase information on Cruise’s aviators etc.

This type of technology could make it incredibly seamless for users to have appropriate content delivered based on your real time viewing habits. It will be exciting to see where this tech goes and how quickly it will be incorporated into both third party as well as braodcasters second screen solutions.



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