Technology enabling consumer creativity

hollerlab —  February 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

One of the trends that we are keeping a close eye on here at Holler is the increasing emergence of software and hardware that is allowing consumers to express themselves more creatively. New tech is bridging the gap between documentation and allowing consumers to be able to express themselves in ways that they haven’t been able to before.

Coulpe this with what looks like an unabating increase in the consumption of content by consumers through the social web (Roy Morgan research 2013, social attracts more time than search, news, email & shopping combined). It would seem that the trend of being able to create better, more creative and professional appearning content will pick up pace in the coming months and years.

Obviously this space in consumer culture has been paved by the likes of Instagram. But some of the other emerging apps and digital platforms we have found allowing consumers to beter express themselves are:

Over: A very simple app that allows consumers to generate text over an image and then publish via the app to various social media. It is surprisingly addictive:


Secondly – Vine. Tipped to be the next big thing (like we haven’t heard that before). But it has a simple and beautifully designed UI which allows you to take 3 short video clips and then semalessly stitch them together to create a 6 second video. The content that is emerging on the platform is not only creative but a lot of it is really funny and interesting as well. With brands such as MSNBC and Urban Outfitters exploring the platform already, it is definitely one to watch out for:


One of the really clever creative platforms we have found is Lego Cuusoo. Combining creativity and business perfectly. Essentially making a website which allows people to use CAD platform to build new lego designs. If a consumer submission receives more than 10, 000 votes, Lego will start to manufacture and sell the design. Sharing the proceeds with the creator. The latest design was a back to the future set:


Last but not least is Vyclone. The premise of which is to aggreagate feeds of video that people capturing at a specific location. The thought being that people at a live event or popular destination can peice together a custom video, using various camera angles from their own and other peoples footage. We think there is a lot of potential in this.


The nice thing about this trend is that as software and hardware peripherals become more advanced, it should encourage increased volume of content but at much higher qualities than we have seen before. Meaning that UGC and social content in general will become more engaging and creative. The opportunity for brands is to look at creating tools for people to be able to better express themselves. Alternatively, to give them access to platforms that allow them to broadcast their content and express themselve’s to people beyond their immediate social network. Such as the campaign we recently exectued for Glacaeu Vitamin Water, asking people to submit images that represented their antidote to feeling average:





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