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hollerlab —  February 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

We have been following Burberry and their fantastic work in the digital space for a while now. They have been at the forefront of digital fashion along with brands such as Uniqlo and Top Shop.

However, they are one of the only premium brands that are taking product accessibility, digital democratisation and personalisation seriously. Most premium brands have been apprehensive to open their doors to all in fear of diluting their luxurious credentials. In the luxury category the norm behaviour from brands is to exhibit aversive tendancies to relinquishing their brand image to consumers.

Burberry have diverged from the category norms and made their brand., product and the theatre of fashion accesible to the masses. Coming off the back of a huge image problem especially in  the UK in the late ninties and early naughties. Burberry began relish in giving consumers a larger share of voice with how they connected with the brand and gave open access to people wanting to enjoy the usually closed doors of high fashion. In-turn the brand benefited from a phenomenal resurgence. With initiative such as allowing consumers to personlise their product and express their own style through the brand. Displaying their emotional connection and love of the luxury manufacturer.

One of the latest incarnations of this Burberry’s disposition to allow consumers to own the product and brand is with their Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Which during Londin fashion week, people can watch the runway show live from various devices and order the clothes they are viewing. Consumers can also personalise their purchases and will, through a digital chip, be able to download a customised clip detailing the craft and manufacturing techniques used to create the garment. It is fabulous way to bring people closer to the brand and fashion in general. Which, for intense purposes is all about allowing people to express themselves. Something Burberry is embracing.

Also, check out the Burberry Art of Trench website, which is a incredible social aggreagator of content uploaded from consumers wearing their products: http://artofthetrench.com/


Below is also some editorial coverage of their digital accolades and digital consumer touchpoints:




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