E-on – branded paternalism….

hollerlab —  April 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

E-on, an energy provider in Sweden has kicked off a project where they provide consumers with digital resources to be able to track and manage their energy consumption. Adding a dash of gamification and experimenting with different user interfaces and triggers to assess how to best facilitate societal change. By giving consumers access to tools that help them understand and reduce their energy consumption and concurrently allowing them to compete with people across the country to be the most efficient consumers of energy resources. E-on have been able to create positive behavioural change. We expect to see a proliferation of this sort of marketing exercise, which not only adds value to the consumer, but locks users into an ecosystem that adds value to a brand’s products and services. The overall campaign ran for 12 mths and E-on tested different iterations of delivering the information consumers needed to reduce their energy consumption, via smartphone and website. Overall the campaign was a huge success. Reducing the sample audiences energy consumption overall by 12%.

It is interesting to see companies outside the tech and online space investing and implementing ecosystem style services. By offering these additional services through technology and giving consumers a unique, positive and valuable brand experience that helps them to understand the impacts of their behaviour along with the utilities they need to change their actions for the better.

We certainly looking forward to seeing more of this type of work from other service providers.


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