Ads that talk to you and Shazamable images…

hollerlab —  April 9, 2013 — Leave a comment


Ad formats and response mechanics are getting more and more intelligent and user friendly. Soon we will see the end of the days that you need to rely on a lengthy URL on a TVC or QR Code on your OOH Media to generate direct response.


Sometimes trying to to push consumers online is harder than originally thought. A QR Code on the side of a bus, is the antithesis of reducing barriers to participation and interaction.

There has been two relatively exciting developments in the tech space relating to potentially new ways of interacting with digital ad units or adding a layer of digital content and information to a product or ad.

1: Shazamable Images:

Shazam is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the digital, direct response arena. From its humble beginnings as a call in music recognition service, it has diversified to taking the same tech to handsets in the form of mobile apps as well as integrating their offering across TV ads to allow consumers to gain access to an extra layer of digital content by activating the app whilst watching the TVC. Shazam controls considerable penetration in DR for TVC using mobile, with over a third of 2013 Superbowl spots encouraging users to use the technology.

They have recently announced another exciting development, which is integrating image recognition into their app. What are the implications of this? Well you can now have consistent image signatures across an entire campaign and encourage DR and interaction through the one app. Think Airwick Multicolour and being able to scan a poster, the product, an OOH poster or a TVC to redeem a voucher. No clunky typing in URL’s or having to remember CTA’s. Even being able to scan the product at a dinner party after asking your friend about it. Having consistent interaction mechanics through every media and touch-point. Also, think fashion retailing. You like someone’s dress but don’t have the guts to ask them where they got it from. Take a picture and off you go. This could actually be quite a revolution in mobile commerce and DR across a variety of media in Australia and the world.


2: Nuance – Talking Ads

Secondly talking ads. So this one we are a little more skeptical about, but it seems to have some fairly large propellants, both from brand and agency. In short Nuance, the company originally behind Siri, say that people are becoming more and more comfortable with talking to their technology. With the proliferation of platforms such as Siri and Google Now. This has led them to the hypothesis that people would find it useful in certain circumstances to talk to their ads rather than consume them either passively or actively. We can perhaps see some application in voice DR with the proliferation of connected cars. So you can inquire more about an ad you jut heard on your digital radio, asking question about the product, the promotion in question and local stockists. Also, perhaps in front of the TV, you don’t want to pick up your laptop or tablet to interact with a CTA, so you just start asking the ad questions. With Esquire already using similar response mechanics across its tablet and smartphone properties. In which people can interact with, via voice, video relating to specific ads.

It will be interesting to see how interactivity with ads and the available DR mechanics will transform in the future. Making it easier and more intuitive for people to interact with and find out more about the advertising the is dispersed throughout their daily travels.


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