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hollerlab —  April 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

Güd a US Personal Care brand has released perhaps one of the more comprehensive Pinterest campaigns we have seen to date. With Pinterest commanding an incredibly female skewed audience with an increasing user-base (albeit slowing in growth). It has for example 650,000 (growing at roughly 2% per month) Australian users and counting.

It seems to be the perfect platform to activate against aesthetically arresting, aspirational, indulgent, female focused products.

Güd scoured the platform for a board that had been posted relating to inspirational mornings. Hoping to match the essence of their new body wash Red Ruby Groovy, which promises to wake you up and refresh you in the early hours. The board they inevitably chose was Keri Pfeiffer’s, a board she created and posted images representative of her perfect morning. Güd got it touch and eventually flew her to Mexico, and recreated her board in real life. The results of which are below:

This was subsequently launched as an online video with a CTA that asked other users to create their own board portraying their interpretation of “My Perfect Gud Morning”. Each entrants has to also pin an image that featured the product and the details of the promotion.

The campaign has had some interesting results. We like it because it gives the overall campaign social credibility and leverages some of the native features of Pinterest. One of the success’ of the campaign thus far being is the entrant from a blogger (unsure of whether she was paid) called Joy, who has over 14million Pinterest Followers. With entry board itself already receiving over 700, 000 followers.

In saying that, as far as we can see the competition has only had 175 entries thus far. But due to the nature of Pinterest, each board would have been promoted across each entrants follower network feed and the each pin posted to the board would have also appeared. Which means that the impressions they would have received would far surpass just this figure.

GudMorning Perfect Morning 2013-04-11 10-22-07

It is a valiant effort, but it seems that no brand has really been able to crack a competition mechanic that goes over an above just a pin to win, entry system. Which, unlike this Gud campaign has a major downfall in the fact that you do not capture any data from the execution. Just impressions from people that interact.

Despite the lack of scalable campaigns and CRM derivatives that advertisers can reap from Pinterest. We think a platform with such a well defined value proposition and skew toward woman, that Pinterest still has huge potential for those brands willing to stick it out and find the magic formula.


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