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hollerlab —  April 11, 2013 — Leave a comment


This is a lovely campaign from Unilever in South Africa, which boosted sales of OMO 2kg bags by 20%.

Basically it was a loyalty program that leveraged the power of mobile penetration (feature phones) in Africa to drive sales of its product and reduce price sensitivity at shelf. Consumers were directed to purchase a 2kg bag of OMO and punch in a unique code on pack via SMS. They were called back by an automated voice system that asked the consumer a variety of questions and registered their details against their broader CRM Platform. The initial loyalty scheme consisted of 5 tiers that corresponded with the frequency that the consumer purchased the specially marked 2KG OMO packs.  The loyalty rewards that they could then redeem as they cycle through the programs were as follows:

  1. Go in the running for a 1mil R education scholarship
  2. Got 5 R of mobile credit
  3. Got 8 R of mobile credit
  4. Voucher for school socks
  5. Voucher for a school shirt

The results were phenomenal:

  • 2.7 mil entries
  • Re-interception through CRM program resulted in 60% return custom
  • 20% increase in sales over 8mth period the program ran

You can see the case study video below;

The reason that we really like this execution here at Holler is it demonstrates the power of OWNED loyalty programs, which we feel is a fundamental way of wrestling some of the power back from the duopoly of supermarket retail in Australia. It also hammers home the effectiveness of using mobile as a channel to engage with and remain connected to a consumer base. We also love the fact that it increases frequency whilst reducing price sensitivity at shelf.

Overall it gives consumers a tangible reason to stay connected with a brand and to talk about it to their networks. Mum’s are starting to see savvy shopping as a mantle to brag about. Shopping is becoming competitive, with people seeing who can get the best bargain. If you can offer this by increasing the return for each consumer across ALL RB products by cutting out the middle man and building direct relationships. It could be a real turning point for the business.


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