Moar FB Ads

vlad —  July 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

Facebook Share Price

Facebook is reportedly going to start selling 15-sec (same length as Instagram videos which FB owns) TV style slots across its network to advertisers.

With 61% of their 1.5Bn users going on the site daily, that creates a big opportunity for advertisers to get in front of Facebook’s users. Beyond the potential to get in front of a mass-audience, the big win for advertisers will also be the increased understanding of the people who engaged with a piece of advertising.

Facebook is obviously charging royally for the privilege, at an est $2.5M a day the ads are 60% the price of a Super Bowl ad. It will be interesting to see if an increasing focus on advertising/advertisers changes the breakdown of Facebook’s user base.

Facebook’s recent focus on ads has done poorly for their UI but ver well for their share price. After a recent earnings call the share price jumped by 30% in a day. Tp me this seems reminiscent of AOL or Yahoo, innovative companies who died after having to answer to shareholders. Whether this is a good move for Facebook or not… EXPECT MOAR ADZ.


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