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Our CEO Mike Hill has given a presentation on how we worked with Audi to create a Single Customer View. You can look through the presentation below.



It looks like Sydney will be the first place in the world to have commercially available courier deliveries via drones. A Sydney startup will deliver text books via automated drones. Dominos has also experimented with drone delivered pizzas in the past. In this post I’ll go through why I believe that delivery drones will usher in disruptive market innovations creating new opportunities for a variety of businesses while threatening old ones.

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Brand reputation and security

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McDonalds Twitter

Security is not a topic that regularly comes up when discussing brand reputation management, however in a communications environment that increasingly relies on third party social networks it needs to be. Often the management of security for these accounts is not given much thought, however when it fails and a company is compromised the damage is incredibly visible, damaging and costly. A hacked Twitter account can damage your brand so why not take some simple steps to avoid it ever happening?

This post will go through the potential negative brand impact of poorly managed security, some simple rules to follow to avoid issues happening to your brand and some great tools to help you out.

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Transform into a sentence

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Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.53.59 PM

Forms are the bane of the internet. This week we’ve stumbled upon a new interface solution that makes forms feel, well not like a form. The first is from insurance provider Oscar, the second from travel site Escape Flight.

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Who you calling a fucking idiot?

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Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 11.12.33 AM

[Update @ 12/9/13]
Please note: this article was published prior to knowledge that the site in discussion was done without the backing of the LNP see here for full details. Thanks to fool in the comments for pointing out the mistake. As such please take the rest of this post as a look at a well put together personal project that went viral rather than a professionally deployed attack from the LNP.
[end update]

Ever since news news came out that Kevin Rudd had hired digital gun Matthew McGregor as his attack dog against Tony Abbot I’ve wondered when Rudd would release the hounds. It seems that the time is a week before the election.

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Marketing in a post-pc world

vlad —  August 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

post pc world

This post is based on a presentation I gave at the 5th Annual iMedia Brand Summit. In the talk Mike wanted give the marketing audience 10 practical pieces of advice on how to manage their communications strategies in a mobile world. In the presentation and this article we’ll deep-dive on three pieces of advice and crunch through the other 7 in the lightning round (every presentation should have a lightning round after all).

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Moar FB Ads

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Facebook Share Price

Facebook is reportedly going to start selling 15-sec (same length as Instagram videos which FB owns) TV style slots across its network to advertisers.

With 61% of their 1.5Bn users going on the site daily, that creates a big opportunity for advertisers to get in front of Facebook’s users. Beyond the potential to get in front of a mass-audience, the big win for advertisers will also be the increased understanding of the people who engaged with a piece of advertising.

Facebook is obviously charging royally for the privilege, at an est $2.5M a day the ads are 60% the price of a Super Bowl ad. It will be interesting to see if an increasing focus on advertising/advertisers changes the breakdown of Facebook’s user base.

Facebook’s recent focus on ads has done poorly for their UI but ver well for their share price. After a recent earnings call the share price jumped by 30% in a day. Tp me this seems reminiscent of AOL or Yahoo, innovative companies who died after having to answer to shareholders. Whether this is a good move for Facebook or not… EXPECT MOAR ADZ.

The Service Economy

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CX for all
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As products are becoming increasingly commoditised, services wrapped around a product’s life-cycle are growingly becoming a competitive advantage for businesses large and small. In this post I’ll go through some key trends pointing to a move to a service economy.

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Retail Disruption

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Online ecommerce/market places, volatile real estate markets and evolving consumer demands on brands has led to the disruption of large-scale traditional retail. Traditional retailers need to evaluate market disruptors and adapt to new ways of working in order to continue driving footfall and moving products off the shelves. This post will go through current retail disruption trends and suggested adaptions that every retailer needs to make.

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New reality

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The Big Coefficient vs a New Reality is a way of categorising disruptive agents/technologies within any market. I came across the terminology/concept in Scott Page’s Corsera course on Model Thinking.

In this post I’ll go through the definitions and examples of each that will hopefully challenge the way you evaluate ideas (it certainty has for me).

The big coefficient

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (H.L. Mencken)

When optimising for the big coefficient you look to identify an independent variable that has the largest causal relationship (coefficient) with outcome you’re trying to achieve e.g. the longer someone spends looking at a product page, the more likely they are to purchase the item (expected outcome).

To optimise for the big coefficient you need to:

  • Construct a model of the variables involved in producing your expected outcome
  • Gather data to measure the outcome in a real world scenario
  • Identify the key variables the one/s with the biggest coefficient
  • Change the variable/s optimise to the big coefficient

This is a powerful methodology as you’re using evidence-based decision making to drive your actions (the part where you change the variables). Indeed the big coefficient has had much acclaim in management strategy with popular systems like Six Sigma ingraining the discipline to be laser-focused on optimising the big coefficient.

A new reality

The best way to predict the future is to make it. (Alan Kay)

The issue with big coefficient thinking is that your ability to think out of the box is heavily diminished meaning so too is your ability to disrupt. In order to disrupt you need to fundamentally change people’s behaviour. Therein lies the second portion of Page’s framing – the new reality. Within the new reality you give everyone free Healthcare rather than putting a bigger tax on smoking, within the new reality you drive cars rather than ride horses. The aptly named new reality allows us to change the world around us.


Some examples of new realities in the past:

  • The iPhone completely changed human behaviour even though it received initial criticism from analysts for non-removable battery, no keyboard and low res camera.
  • Nintendo Wii created a new reality for the games and entertainment industry even though it was far less powerful than the leading console producers, PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Amazon AWS forever changed developer behaviour by leveraging existing infrastructure in an innovative way.


There are several technologies that are currently gaining traction that offer the promise of exciting new realities to come:


This framework for thinking becomes a powerful way to evaluate your strategy as you need to structure a given program differently based on the outcomes you expect. If you’re looking to make an existing asset work harder you need to optimise for the big coefficient and therefore you need an evidence-based approach to consistently optimising your output. If on the other hand you’re expecting to disrupt your market/competition you need to look at creating a new reality, this is a whole lot more tricky. It involves risk, trial, error and failure all great subjects for a new blog post 🙂